Boothbay Harbor TeleTours

Click below for more information on private, historically based TeleTours in scenic Boothbay Harbor. These include Maine mysteries, local history, haunts & ghosts, lighthouses and maritime history. New Seafood Discovery Tours are now available as well. There are also some similar tours in nearby Wiscasset or Damariscotta, as well as across the state.

Maine mysteries

This new TeleTour product allows small groups or families to enjoy a live, personalized, guided outdoor walking adventure. Our tours are perfect for a walk with your morning coffee, an afternoon stroll, or to wind down after dinner because most are offered on the hour from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. A group from 1 – 10 can be included on your private TeleTour for $29.95 (Seafood Discovery Tours have individual prices).

Guests will learn about the local history and/or mystery of their choice from a live storyteller. This private tour is guided live by conference call as you actually walk the route. Because it is audio only, there is no distraction of videos or photos. The sights and stories you are hearing about will be in front of you. Questions and interactions are welcome throughout the tour.

Learn more about TeleTours here, or please call us. We are family friendly, dog friendly and eager to share our expertise with you!

Maine mysteries would be found on the Haunted History Tour, but there’s also one or two on the Maritime History and Mystery Tour. The tours are appropriate for all and last about one hour.

Following are our new Maine Seafood Discovery TeleTours! Start your Boothbay Harbor experience with a trip back in time to the 1600’s. Learn about the seafood harvesting practices of our earliest settlers and walk the same ground they did. Next, you’ll have a brief history of fishing and seafood connections in Boothbay Harbor over the years, ending with your choice of a tasting.

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Maine mysteries

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