Damariscotta Seafood Discovery TeleTours

Start your Maine tour and Damariscotta experience with a trip back in time to the 1700’s. Learn about the seafood harvesting practices of our earliest settlers and walk the same ground they did. Next, you’ll have a brief history of fishing and seafood connections in Damariscotta over the years, ending with your choice of a tasting or boat cruise.

Oyster Shell Heaps

Each guest will be able to choose the appetizer of their choice as long as you all are at the same restaurant. This is a great opportunity to each order something different and share!

Fishing will certainly be discussed on your Seafood Discovery Tour. Oysters, lobster, alewives, scallops, mussels, striped bass, urchins, etc. might be some of the seafood subjects.

Shipbuilding and its related productions will also be touched on. It was a very important waterfront industry in Damariscotta, and ships were certainly needed for offshore fishing and trade. Other aspects discussed could be seaweed, mills, ice harvesting, early tourism & steamboats, etc.

Your TeleTour price includes the one appetizer per person, tax and tip – see choices below. By clicking the “Book” button, you will see more information about each venue, the prices, and dates. Additional items and beverages may be purchased on your own.

Some availability may depend on days the venues are open or their seasonal hours. So, please call if you have additional questions; we are happy to help! Learn more about TeleTours here. Red Cloak Tours is family friendly and eager to share our expertise with you!

While Red Cloak Tours is usually dog friendly, the restaurants might allow only service animals. Call to double check. Many Maine tours, with a professional Red Cloak guide, are also in other locations around the state.

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