Tidbit Tasting Parties

“This was so much fun, I don’t want it to end; when is the next Tidbit Tasting?!” – Diane

Small Business Saturday 2020
E-mail, text or message me ON Saturday, November 28 and I will give you a code for 10% off! #smallbusiness

Do you need a taste of Maine? Have you had to cancel your visit this year? Once you place your order through Red Cloak Tours (see below) for the custom Box of Maine, or several boxes if more than one household will be participating, you’ll be on your way to enjoying some sweet Maine treats. Your Red Cloak host will explain the history and folklore behind each product on this food tour like no other! *Note* Moxie is being temporarily discontinued, so if you’ve been waiting to make your purchase, do it quickly before we have to start substituting.

*Virtual tasting party with one or more households/groups
*Social Distancing appropriate
*Live Red Cloak host via Zoom for about 30 minutes
*Five types of sweet Maine treats
*only $39.99
*Free Shipping
*$1 per party donated to Good Shepherd Food Bank of Maine

You’ll be contacted by Red Cloak Tours to coordinate the time of your Tidbit Tasting party as soon as possible after your order is placed. Your Box of Maine will be shipped directly to you, and other participants if there are any.

For just $39.99 per box, you can have a party for your family, friends and tastebuds, whether you’ve been to Maine or just want to have the experience and learn the history. 5 items will be “tasted” during your 30 minute virtual Zoom party, which can include as many guests as you like – we can ship multiple boxes to various addresses so all can enjoy the Tidbit Tasting treats.